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Urid coin Poppadoma (200gm)


To ensure smooth delivery of Diwali Products, please do not order products apart from the Diwali range together with your Diwali order. As this is only an advance booking and we won’t be able to fulfil your order for other products from website . Actual deliveries of Diwali products will be between 18/10/2022 to 21/10/2022. If you wish to order normal products, please order them separately. Chakali Bhajani, Anarase Pith and Chivada Masala can be ordered for early delivery along with Non-Diwali Products.


Bobby Fryums / Pipe Fryums [Long]


Pipe Fryums are also known as Bobby and Finger Fryums. They are ready-to-fry Indian snacks. Fryum is a hollow cylindrical tube available in yellow colour. It is available in two sizes: small pipe and long pipe.


Bobby Fryums / Pipe Fryums [Small]


Pipe Fryum is a ‘ready to fry’ Indian snack that is made using flour and corn/potato starch. It comes in multiple colours. Customers who bought Bobby Fryums / Pipe Fryums [Small] also bought Bobby Fryums / Pipe Fryums [Long]. Check out our full range of Fryums.


Fryums Star


Fryums star snacks are suitable for both kids and adults. You can make this snack at home in any oil you like. They are made from rice flour. They are tasty and healthy, and they come in natural colours. Get the Star Fryums for your kids and make them happy.

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Plain Potato [Aloo] Papad (200gm)


Aloo Ke Papad is a traditional snack dish. It is very tasty and digestible to eat. You can use potato papad by keeping it for about 7-8 months.

Potato wafers, Red Potato Papad, Poha Papad, Nachni Chips (Papad) and many other varieties are also available on our website. You can also buy it.


Flower Kurdai (200gm)


The Flower Shaped Kurdai is a delicious and crispy accompaniment to your main meal. Kurdai are mainly made from wheat. Kurdai is shaped like a flower and tastes best with Aam Ras thali.


Masala Papad [Udid Chana Papad] (180gm)


Masala Papad of Udid Chana is served as a side dish with food. You can prepare the papad either by frying or roasting. Along with being nutritious, papad is very helpful in digesting food. You can make papad curry with the help of this papad.


Udad [Urad / Udid] Moong Dal Papad (Big) (180gm)


Udad Dal & Moong Dal are one of the most nutritious beans and are also used for making Papad. Urad Moong Dal papads are spicy and crispy in taste and are very helpful in digesting food.

We have varieties of other papads like Sabudana Papad, Aloo Papad, Poha Papad, etc. You can also buy it from our online store.


Sago [Sabudana] Chakali (200gm)


Sabudana {Sago} Chakli contains boiled sago, shendha salt, red chilly. It is very delicious in taste. Sabudana chakli is a fasting special food item. It is ready to cook item – simply fry and consume, It can accompany different types of dishes or have it as a yummy snack. Sago Chakali makes a perfect tea time snack or it is good to munch anytime.

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Potato Mirgund [Red Chilli] (100gm)


Potato Mirgund [Red Chilli] is a thin wafer/papad made from potatoes. Kids and adults alike will enjoy its squarish shape. This Potato Mirgund has a red chilli flavour. This dish is made with potatoes, rice flour, asafoetida, papadkhar, red chillies, and salt. Besides the Potato Mirgund with red chilli flavour, we have green chilli potato mirgund and poha mirgund in our stock.

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Potato [Batata] Mirgund Green Chilli (100gm)


Potato Mirgund is a thin wafer/papad. Its squarish shape makes it more interesting for kids and for adults. This variant of Potato Mirgund has a green chilli flavour and colour. It is made using Potatoes, Rice flour, Asafoetida, Papadkhar, Green Chillies, and Salt. We have Potato Mirgund with red chilli flavour in our stock, you can buy it too.

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