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Kokum Syrup [Sharbat/ Juice/ Water/ Soda]


Kokum sharbat is a traditional Indian drink prepared from the fruit of garcinia indica plants and is one of the best Indian juices for hot Australian summers. The uses of our brand’s kokum syrup include preparing Indian-style kokum sharbat and soda, and its primary benefit is that you can prepare this drink using only this concentrate and water.

Another benefit of only needing water and this concentrate is that this is one of the best syrups to prepare and drink sharbat on the go. Buy our syrup and add one part concentrate to five parts water or soda. Furthermore, the benefit of our 1L bottle is that you can conveniently enjoy this juice multiple times for a cheap price.

You can buy Marathiswad brand kokam syrup in Australian stores or order online from our Marathiswad website for great prices. Buy online or in-store to start making fresh Indian-style kokam sharbat/soda at home in Australia today! When buying online, there is free shipping for orders priced over $75 so feel free to explore other beverages on our brand’s website.

Kairi Panha / Raw Mango Juice [Sharbat/ Syrup] (1lt)


Kairi Panhe / Panha is a traditional Maharashtrian juice prepared from raw mangoes. The benefit of our Kairi Panha is the ease with which you can prepare a highly refreshing sharbat simply using our Kairi panhe syrup and water. To prepare this juice add one part syrup with four parts water or soda and your sharbat is easily ready within minutes.

Another benefit of this syrup is that it can also be utilised in any dish where a raw mango flavour is desired. This product is available for purchase in stores across Australia as well as online on our Marathiswad website.

Solkadhi (250ml)


Solkadhi is a traditional Maharashtrian drink known for aiding digestion and having a cooling effect. Additionally, its highly refreshing taste makes it one of the best drinks for hot Australian summers.

Marathiswad’s solkadhi extract is the perfect product for those who are missing the authentic taste of Indian solkadhi as well as those who wish to try it out for the first time. To recreate the traditional taste in your own home, simply mix one part concentrate with four parts water. This product is available for purchase online on the Marathiswad website or in Indian grocery stores throughout Australia.

kokam Agal (1lt)


Kokam agal, prepared from the fruit of garcinia indica plants (kokam), is a great replacement for fresh kokam to use in cooking curries and marinades. Due to kokam agal not containing sugar, it is also highly useful for diabetic people both in cooking and preparing kokam sharbat / soda as well as solkadhi.

You can buy our kokam agal in Indian grocery stores throughout Australia as well as buy it online on our Marathiswad website. For online orders, you can buy this product for a great $6.99 whereas prices vary between stores.


Pure Amla Syrup [Juice/ Ras/ Sharbat] (1lt)


Marathiswad’s amla syrup made from pure amla juice/ras is one of the best ways to drink authentic tasting Indian amla sharbat here in Australia. The benefit of our brand’s syrup is how easily you can make and drink this sharbat in minutes. Another benefit is our brand’s 1L bottle with which you can best make this sharbat multiple times for a cheap price.

Drinking the pure juice / ras of amla fruit (Indian gooseberry) has benefits including being one of the best digestion aids due to the fruit being a rich source of vitamins.

You can buy Marathiswad brand amla syrup online and in Australian stores, particularly Melbourne and Sydney. Prices online differ from stores in Melbourne and Sydney.

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